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IndexcopernicusIndexCopernicus International, Poland

Gale Cengage Logo_101x38 Gale Cengage Learning (Academic OneFileBusiness Economics and Theory),  United Kingdom

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ECONBIZ, Germany

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Airiti, China

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

State Library of South Wales, Australia

The Royal Library Copenhagen University, Denmark

Unibversiteit Bibliothek Gent, Netherlands

Social Services Knowledge, Scotland

BVB Bibliotheks Verbund Bayern FAST – ZUGANG, Germany

KOBV Berlin – Brandenburg, Germany

HEBIS, Union Catalog Hesse, Germany

ZDB OPAC Zeitschriftendatenbank, Germany

WZB Berlin Social Science Center (EZB), Germany

Wilbert Wildauer Bucher, Germany


Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Kanazawa University Library. Japan

Universitat Bibliothek Leipzig (UBL), Germany

Bibliothekssystem Universität Hamburg, Germany

Bibliotheken der Universitat Heidelberg, Germany

University of Strathclyde Glasgow Library, Scotland

GIGA German of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg, Germany

SWB, Union catalog Southwest, Germany

GBV, Union Catalog Northern, Germany

Universitat Vechta, Germany

Hochschule Hannover, Germany

Kyushu University Library, Japan

Universite de Bordeaux, France

Biblioteca Universitaria di Lugano, Italy

Livivo, Germany

Socionet (List), Russia

SCIPIO, Romania

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