AJES_58x73 new Volume 3, Issue 3 (September 2017)

Table of contents


1. The Strengthening of Development Capital and Governance towards Sustainable Livelihood in Coastal Areas of Medan

Authors: Isfenti Sadalia, Linda T. Maas, Joiverdia, Iskandar Muda

Keywords: Sustainable livelihood, development capital, governance

Pages:  12-18 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
2. The Role of the Financial-Accounting Information System in the Matrix of the Entity Functions

Author: Mirela Niculae

Keywords: Financial – Accounting Information System, Integrated Informatic System, organizational process, operational areas, public interest entity

Pages:  19-23 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
3. St. Louis Model for Macroeconomic Policy Determination in Relation to Employment Generation in a Developing Economy: Some Simulation Results

Authors: David Umoru, Moses A. Erhi

Keywords: Employment, St. Louis model, fiscal policy, monetary policy, Nigeria

Pages:  24-32 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
4. Foreign Direct Investment and China’s Productivity Growth during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Author: Fulgence Dominick Waryoba

Keywords: Foreign direct investment, export, productivity growth, economic growth

Pages:  33-37 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
5. Ambiguity and Investment Decisions: An Empirical Analysis on Mutual Fund Investor Behaviour

Author: Chao Tang

Keywords: Ambiguity, fund flows, investor behaviour, financial market

Pages:  38-46 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]