AJES_58x73 new Volume 5, Issue 4

1. Appraising Institutional Environment’s Contribution to Financial Performance of Selected Banks in Pre and Post Tsa in Nigeria

Authors: A. O. Adebisi, A. S. Ohiani, Gbemi Oladipo Olaore

Keywords: TSA, Bank Deposits, Asset Quality, Bank Profitability, Banks and TSA in Nigeria

Pages:  12-20 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
2. Fiscal Aggregates, Private Investments and Economic Growth in Ghana. An Autoregressive Framework

Author: Emmanuel Atta Anaman

Keywords: Autoregressive, cointegration, fiscal policy, private investments, stationarity

Pages:  21-35 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
3. Empirical Analysis of Reinsurance Dependence on the Profitability of General Insurance Business in Nigeria

Author: Olufemi Adebowale Abass

Keywords: Reinsurance, reinsurance dependence, profitability, general insurance business

Pages:  36-43 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
4. Why do Tourists Attend Cooking Classes? Some Indications from Thailand

Author: Mark Azavedo

Keywords: Thailand, cooking schools, cooking classes, tourist experiences, experience economy

Pages:  44-51 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
5. Extortion Operation and Police Members Performance and Its Impact towards Public Trust

Author: Tigor Sitorus

Keywords: Extortion, operation, performance, trust

Pages:  52-61 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
6. Performance Management and Growth of Fast Food Restaurants in Nasarawa State

Authors: Salim Muhammad Ogaji, Mahmuda Mohammed, Ahmed Abdullahi Ibrahim

Keywords: Goal Setting, growth, performance appraisal, performance management

Pages:  62-68 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
7. Evaluating Local Content Policy of Insurance Oil and Gas Risk Portfolio as Capacity Building Strategy for Nigeria Insurance companies

Authors: S. A. Adebisi, S. E. O. Umukoro, A. S. Ohiani

Keywords: Local content policy, oil and gas portfolio, insurance firms, resource capacity, competitiveness

Pages:  69-77 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
8. Do Social Capital and Small and Medium Enterprise Factors Influence the Performance of Small Businesses? Empirical Evidence from Emerging Economy

Authors: Habibu Sani, Shazida Jan Bt. Mohd-Khan, Mohd Saifoul Zamzuri B. Noor

Keywords: Social capital, number of employees, technological innovation, SMEs performance, North-Western Nigeria

Pages:  78-87 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
9. Assessing the Effect of Change in Oil Prices, Macroeconomics on the Banking Sector Stability in Oil-Producing Countries

Authors: Ahmed Rufai Mohammad, Mohamad Helmi Bin Hidthiir, Alias Bin Mat Nor

Keywords: Banking stability, oil price change, conventional banks, Islamic banks, GMM

Pages:  88-93 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
10. Education, Health Expenditure and the Quality of Life in Nigeria

Authors: Ifunanyachukwu N. Igboanugo, Risikat O. S. Dauda

Keywords: Quality of life, Per Capita Income, education expenditure, health expenditure, Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model (ARDL)

Pages:  94-102 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
11. The Analysis of Financial Equilibrium Through the Influence of Economic Performance: Case Study for the Romanian Clothing Industry

Authors: Teodora Maria Suciu (Avram), Monica-Ioana Toader, Delia Bugnariu

Keywords: Economic performance, financial equilibrium, rates of return, net treasury, Romanian clothing industry

Pages:  103-108 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
12. Does the Number of Inhabitants Influence the Investments Financing in Territorial Administrative Units?

Authors: Teodor Hada, Iulia Iuga, Dorin Vainberg, Mihai Căruț, Raluca-Andreea Pop (Damian)

Keywords: Financing sources, public investment projects, external sources, econometric model

Pages:  109-116 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
13. Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth in Togo: A Causal Analysis

Authors: Dissani Badoubatoba Mathieu, Sanmang Wu, Doukou Kossi Dowaraga, Goetswang Kealeboga Fredah

Keywords: Emission, economic, energy, growth, ARDL, ECM, EKC

Pages:  117-125 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
14. Risk and Uncertainty in Information Society

Authors: Florentina Raluca Bîlcan, Ionuț Adrian Ghibanu, Ion Ionuț Bratu, George Adrian Bîlcan

Keywords: Information society, risk, uncertainty, probability, confidentiality

Pages:  126-131 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
15. Marketing and Neurosciences – A Future Winning Tandem

Authors: Daniel Adrian Andronescu, Andrei Buiga

Keywords: Neuromarketing, neuroscience, neuromarketing technologies, the classification of emotions

Pages:  132-138 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
16. The Relationship between Internal Control and Security Risk Management

Authors: Florentina Raluca Bîlcan, Ionuț Adrian Ghibanu, Ion Ionuț Bratu, George Adrian Bîlcan

Keywords: Internal control, probability, security risk management, procedures

Pages:  139-144 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
17. Convergence and Divergence Regarding the Impact of Risks on Banking Transactions

Authors: Florentina Raluca Bîlcan, Ionuț Adrian Ghibanu, Ion Ionuț Bratu, George Adrian Bîlcan

Keywords: Banking transactions, risk, probability, cyber attacks

Pages:  145-150 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
18. Vulnerabilities and Threats of Information Systems and Communications

Author: Ionuț Adrian Ghibanu

Keywords: Information systems, risk, network, threats, vulnerabilities, communications

Pages:  151-155 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
19. The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Job Satisfaction towards Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Authors: Vuong Khanh Tuan, Premkumar Rajagopal

Keywords: Transformation leadership, leadership skills, motivation, employee satisfaction, SMEs, Vietnam

Pages:  156-164 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
20. An Econometric Analysis Regarding the Romanian Economy Growth

Authors: Diana Andreea Mândricel, Ionica Oncioiu, Ana Maria Ifrim

Keywords: Economy growth, indicators, ratio, econometric analysis, investment

Pages:  165-170 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
21. Performance in the View of the Managers Working in the Hotel Industry – An Empirical Study Made on Entities from Romania

Authors: Carmen Mihaela Scorțe, Larisa Loredana Dragolea

Keywords: Performance, industry of hospitability, accounting information, managers

Pages:  171-178 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
22. Fiscal Policy Implementation in Georgia Before, During and After Saakashvili Period

Authors: Samadli Imamali, Etibar Aslanov, Narmin Veliyeva

Keywords: Fiscal policy, budget expenditures, tax policy, Georgia, Saakashvili

Pages:  179-185 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
23. Compliance or Not with the New Corporate Governance Code. A Survey at Bucharest Stock Exchange

Author: Oana Raluca Ivan

Keywords: BSE, compliance, Corporate Governance Code, survey, Statement of compliance

Pages:  186-195 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
24. Empirical Research on Access to Financing SMEs in Romania

Author: Carmen Mihaela Boteanu

Keywords: Structural funds, access to finance, economic growth, development, regional policies

Pages:  196-201 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]