AJES_58x73 new Volume 4, Issue 4

01. Coordination of SMEs Development: Investigating Their Needs for External Assistance Provided by Specialized InstitutionsMirela Cătălina Türkeș, pp. 12-18 [PDF].

02. IFRS Compliance Appraisal: Evidence from Nigeria and GhanaEmma I. Okoye, Ugochukwu J. Nwoye, pp. 19-27 [PDF].

03. Barriers to Green ICT Adoption in RomaniaLaura-Diana Radu, pp. 28-33 [PDF].

04. The Impact of R&D Collaboration on Technological Innovation in European CountriesKamilia Loukil, pp. 34-41 [PDF].

05. Inflation in Sierra Leone: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Interest Rate on Price Level ChangesIbrahim Abdulhamid Danlami, Mohamad Helmi Bin Hidthiir, Sallahuddin Hassan, pp. 42-49 [PDF].

06. Financial Inclusion and Poverty Reduction: Selected Approaches and Implications for Mali’s ChoiceDia Amadou, pp. 50-56 [PDF].

07. The Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan AfricaMuhia John Gachunga, Yasin Kuso, pp. 57-63 [PDF].

08. Impact of Rational Use of Forest Resources in Central African Republic on Its EconomyBefio Paulin Epaphrodite, pp. 64-70 [PDF].

09. Infrastructural Development and Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME)Monica Agu, E. E. Isichei, T. M. Olabosinde, pp. 71-77 [PDF].

10. The Impact of Liquidity on Performance of Commercial Banks in GhanaRichard Charmler, Alhassan Musah, Evans Akomeah, Erasmus Dodzi Gakpetor, pp. 78-90 [PDF].

11. Analysis of Principals Decision Making Styles on Teachers Performance in Selected Secondary Schools of Gharbia Governorate, EgyptShorouk Mohamed Farag Mohamed Aboudahr, Abdulrasheed Olowoselu, pp. 91-95 [PDF].

12. Online Trading and Adverse Selection in Smartphone MarketFulgence Dominick Waryoba, pp. 96-101 [PDF].

13. Accounting Ethics Education in Nigeria: Value-Improving or Value-Deteriorating Tool?Abdulai Agbaje Salami, Mubaraq Sanni, Ahmad Bukola Uthman, pp. 116-126 [http://www.ajes.ro/don't-forget-to-do-your-homework-translate].

14. http://www.ajes.ro/help-me-with-my-geometry-homeworkZoltán Huszár, Péter Várnagy, Iván Zádori, Zsolt Nemeskéri, Balázs Pankász, pp. 127-133 [help to write an essay online].

15. Key Performance Indicators for SMEs in Producing IndustryAlfred Tieber, pp. 134-141 [PDF].

16. The Influence of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Listing on the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX): Prevailing FactorsBarbara Johnson, Richard Angelous Kotey, pp. 142-156 [PDF].

17. Econometric Modelling: The Impact of Tourism Tax to Incomes AmountAnar Eminov, Elchin Suleymanov, Anar Mirzayev, pp. 157-161 [PDF].

18. Company Monitoring Analysis on Financial Report Quality in Indonesia Stock Exchange Manufacturing SectorAbdul Nasser Hasibuan, pp. 162-175 [PDF].

19. Comparative Analysis between Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary’s Tourism ActivityAndreea Marin-Pantelescu, Bianca Voicu, Andreea Vîrtopeanu, Andreea Voinea, Ana-Maria Saveliev, pp. 176-182 [PDF].

20. The Importance of Transportation to Tourism DevelopmentAna-Maria Dinu, pp. 183-187 [PDF].