AJES_58x73 new Volume 3, Issue 4

Table of contents


1. The Role of Festivals in Developing and Promoting the Urban Tourism in the Bucharest Municipality

Authors: Elena Bogan, Dana Maria (Oprea) Constantin, Ana-Maria Roangheș-Mureanu, Elena Grigore, Gabriela Dîrloman

Keywords: Tourism for festivals, development, promotion, typologies, urban tourism, Bucharest

Pages:  12-18 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
2. Financial Stability and Credit Creation in Nigeria: An Econometric Evaluation

Authors: David Umoru, Lawrence Aghedo

Keywords: Credit creation, financial stability, sector, Nigeria

Pages:  19-23 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
3. Cluster Analysis of Total Assets Provided By Banks from Four Continents

Author: Mirela Cătălina Türkeș

Keywords: Cluster analysis, k-means clustering algorithms, banks, total banking assets, continents

Pages:  24-28 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
4. Education and Economic Growth: Is Tertiary Education for all Workers Optimal?

Author: Fulgence Dominick Waryoba

Keywords: Optimal education, economic growth

Pages:  29-34 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
5. The Impact of Foreign Capital Inflows, Infrastructure and Role of Institutions on Economic Growth: An Error Correction Model

Authors: Hammed Oluwaseyi Musibau, Suraya Mahmood, Agboola Yusuf Hammed

Keywords: Foreign capital flows, infrastructure, institutions, economic growth, ECM

Pages:  35-49 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
6. Analysis of the Tourism Services Quality in Romania’s Third Macro-Region

Author: Alina Gheorghe

Keywords: Tourism traffic density, quality, tourism services, average length of stay, accommodation capacity

Pages:  50-54 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
7. Entrepreneurial Competencies: SMEs Performance Factor in the Challenging Nigerian Economy

Authors: Uzairu Muhammad Gwadabe, Noor Aina Amirah

Keywords: Entrepreneurial competencies, entrepreneurship, Nigeria, performance, SMEs

Pages:  55-61 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
8. Tax Competition in Switzerland

Author: Gadir G. Asgarzade

Keywords: Tax competition, cantons, municipality, income tax and corporate tax

Pages:  62-67 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
9. Are We There Yet?

Author: Emmanuel Olusegun Stober

Keywords: Food inflation, GDP growth, Nigeria economy recovery, recession

Pages:  68-76 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
10. The Forensic Accountants’ Skills and Ethics on Fraud Prevention in the Nigerian Public Sector

Authors: Lateef Saheed Ademola, Ayoib B. Ch-Ahmad, Oluwatoyin Johnson Muse Popoola

Keywords: Forensic accountant, capability, fraud prevention, public sector, Nigeria

Pages:  77-85 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
11. The Effect of Leverage and Financial Distress on Earnings Management with Good Corporate Governance as the Moderating Variable

Authors: Anugerah Iman Hrp, Isfenti Sadalia, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin

Keywords: Leverage, financial distress, profit management, good corporate governance

Pages:  86-95 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
12. Employee Learning Theories and Their Organizational Applications

Authors: Abdussalaam Iyanda Ismail, Abdul-Halim Abdul-Majid, Hammed Oluwaseyi Musibau

Keywords: Employee learning, employee behavior, employee development, human resource development, learning theory, need theory, cognitive theory

Pages:  96-104 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
13. Perspectives on Eco Economics. Circular Economy and Smart Economy

Authors: Cristina Bălăceanu, Doina Maria Tilea, Daniela Penu

Keywords: Eco economy, circular economy, biological cycles, utility

Pages:  105-109 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
14. The Labor Market from Romania from the Perspective of Migration Phenomenon

Authors: Constantin Georgescu, Cezar Militaru, Daniel-Laurențiu Ștefan, Adriana Zanfir

Keywords: Staff shortage, population migration, country risks, labor market, lack of staff

Pages:  110-117 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
15. Resilience Thanks to Digital Applications: Driving Force of Regional Development

Authors: Louis Delcart, Nelu Neacșu

Keywords: Regional development, digital economy, resilience, food industry

Pages:  118-122 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
16. Benchmark and Continuous Improvement of Performance

Authors: Alina Alecse Stanciu, Iuliana Camelia Stoenică, Florentina Raluca Bîlcan

Keywords: Benchmarking, performance, portfolio, human resources, corporate leaders

Pages:  123-126 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]