AJES_58x73 new Volume 3, Issue 1, 2017

Table of contents


1. The Impacts of Tax Reforms on REITs. An International Empirical Study

Authors: Yishuang Xu, Chung Yim Yiu

Keywords: REITs, tax benefits, international study

Pages:  11-22 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
2. People’s Republic of China, An Introduction to the Party and Its Socialist Base: Is the Banking and Financial Industry a ‘Natural Monopoly’?

Author: Christopher Daniel Watson

Keywords: State-Owned Banks (SOBs), State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), financial SOEs equitization, market socialism

Pages:  23-28 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
3. Returns Effect, Shocks and Volatility Transmission between Foreign Exchange-Stock Markets in Nigeria

Author: Agya Atabani Adi 

Keywords: Shocks and Volatility Spillover, Foreign Exchange-Shock market, Returns Impact in Nigeria

Pages:  29-38 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
4. Modeling the Volatility of Exchange Rates: GARCH Models

Author: Fahima Charef

Keywords: Exchange rate, fundamental macroeconomic variables, conditional heteroskedasticity models

Pages:  39-47 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
5. Monetary and Fiscal Policy Coordination in Nigeria: A Set Theoretic Approach

Author: Victor Ugbem Oboh

Keywords: Monetary policy, fiscal policy, coordination, STA, Nigeria

Pages:  48-58 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
6. Global Integration, Non-Oil Export and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Authors: Ozoemena Stanley Nwodo, Fredrick Onyebuchi Asogwa

Keywords: Trade openness, financial openness, globalization, economic growth, non-oil export

Pages:  59-67 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
7. Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments in Bulgaria and Romania in the Context of Recent Economic Crisis

Author: Mirel-Daniel Simionescu

Keywords: Foreign direct investments, economic crisis, Bayesian model, posterior distribution

Pages:  68-72 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
8. An Autoregressive and Distributed Lag Model Approach to Inflation in Nigeria

Authors: Chimere Okechukwu Iheonu, Godfrey Ikechukwu Ihedimma, Samuel Nzube Eze

Keywords: Inflation, ARDL, money supply, interest rate

Pages:  73-80 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
9. The GDP per Capita Convergence in the European Union

Author: Mihaela Simionescu

Keywords: Convergence, steady state, GDP, panel data, Im-Pesaran-Shin test, European Union

Pages:  81-87 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
10. Energy Use and Growth of Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from Turkey

Authors: Idoko Ahmed Itodo, Shahrzad Safaeimanesh, Festus Victor Bekun

Keywords: Energy use, manufacturing sector, cointegration, vector error correction and Granger causality

Pages:  88-96 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
11. Theoretical Considerations Regarding Identification and Analysis of Risks to Develop the Audit Program of a Public Institution

Authors: Dan Ioan Topor

Keywords: Audit, risk management, public institution, risk analysis, audit mission

Pages:  97-107 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]