AJES_58x73 new Volume 2, Issue 3, 2016

Table of contents


1. How Fiscal Policy Affects Non-Oil Economic Performance in Azerbaijan?

Authors: Khatai Aliyev, Orkhan Nadirov

Keywords: Fiscal policy, non-oil GDP, budget expenditures, tax revenues, Azerbaijan

Pages:  11-29 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
2. Effects of Capital Structure and Profitability on Corporate Value with Company Size as the Moderating Variable of Manufacturing Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Authors: Ela Mahdaleta, Iskandar Muda, Gusnardi Muhammad Nasir

Keywords: Capital structure, profitability, company size and corporate value

Pages:  30-43 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
3. The Effects of Asset Management and Profitability on Stock Returns: A Comparative Study between Conventional and Islamic Stock Markets in Indonesia

Authors: Shelly Midesia, Hasan Basri, M. Shabri Abd. Majid

Keywords: Asset management, profitability, stock return, Islamic Stock Market

Pages:  44-54 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
4. The Analysis of Factors Affecting Price Earnings Ratio on the Company Shares Registered in Jakarta Islamic Index

Authors: Muslich Lutfi, Jessi Arsitha

Keywords: Total assets, debt to equity, dividend payout ratio, price earning ratio, Jakarta Islamic Index

Pages:  55-63 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
5. Some Considerations Regarding the European Banking Union

Authors: Marius Eugen Radu

Keywords: Banking supervision, the European Union, single mechanism, bank policy, Member States

Pages:  64-73 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
6. Sources of Ethiopia’s Export Growth: a Constant Market Shares Decomposition Analysis

Authors: Tasew Tadesse, Jaswinder Singh Brar

Keywords: Africa, Ethiopia, export growth, constant market shares, competitiveness, commodity composition

Pages:  74-95 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
7. Some Considerations Regarding the Implementation of Basel III

Authors: Mihai Dorel Vlad

Keywords: Financial security, financial crisis, the banking system, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, prudential requirements, risk management

Pages:  96-103 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
8. Factors Affecting of Commuter Migrant Traders Income from Tanah Mas Village to Palembang City

Authors: Bambang Bemby Soebyakto, Mutmainna

Keywords: Commuter Traders, Income, marital status, number of family, length of work, mode of transportation, type of merchandise, and motivation of commuter traders

Pages:  104-124 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
9. The Development Model of Small and Medium Enterprises in Textile Sector (Batik, Weaving and Embroidery) with Triple Helix in Medan

Authors: Frida Ramadini, Inggrita Gusti Sari Nasution

Keywords: Development, competitive advantage strategy, small and medium enterprises, ASEAN economics community

Pages:  125-140 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]
10. On a Class of Statistical Distance Measures for Sales Distribution: Theory, Simulation and Calibration

Author: Tianhao Wu

Keywords: Pareto distribution, log-normal distribution, demand function, statistical divergence, firm productivity, sales revenue

Pages:  141-152 Full article rsz_1untitled [PDF]