The Faculty ofGCKE_2018 Tourism and Commercial Management from Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of Bucharest in collaboration with The Research Center “Management, Business Administration and Marketing”, Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection are organizing the 8th Edition of the International Conference “Globalization and Competitiveness in Knowledge-Based Economy” (CGKE 2018) on April 16-17, 2018 in Bucharest, Romania.
Nowadays specialists in various fields of activity are focusing on issues connected with globalization due to their great impact on the development of national economies.
Due to globalization, Romania has started a number of reforms by means of which prices and markets have been liberalized, foreign trade control has been reduced, currency convertibility has been introduced and changes have started to be made in the ownership structure, all leading to increased competitiveness.
Therefore, ensuring competitiveness is a major priority not only for companies, organizations and individuals, but also for the academic environment. Direct foreign investments are perceived as an important and essential element for the process of changing and re-launching the economy, representing the main catalyst necessary for market economy and increased competitiveness in Romania. In the 21 st century, the flow of direct foreign investments has greatly developed due to the massive expansion of transnational corporations – main elements of the globalization process.
Last but not least, due to the great development of commercial exchanges between countries, foreign trade has become one of the key factors for economic growth. Under these circumstances, we can consider that globalization and competitiveness represent the greatest challenge of our century, most specialists considering that Romania’s own survival depends on the way in which these concepts are put into practice.
The best papers of the conference will be published in Academic Journal of Economic Studies.